READY, SET, GIVE! (catchy title for a blog, huh?)

The holiday season is basically The Borrowed & Blue Project's Super Bowl (not really - that would be wedding season, but work with me here people). Why is that, you ask? Because it's the season of giving! And if there is one thing The Borrowed & Blue Project rocks at, it's giving.

But guess what? It doesn't end with the holidays. I know you probably took your tree down, swept up the pine needles, and maybe already started your New Years Resolutions. But the giving szn doesn't end.

When we started this project we knew right away that we didn't want to profit. Honestly, the whole idea of this project seemed way too much fun to ruin it with finances. And once we decided that we'd center it around nonprofits and the concept of "giving" it became even more exciting.

With our first holiday season under our belt, we feel like we have to do something extra exciting to continue the spirit of giving that was woven so deeply into the threads of our rental jackets (deep, I know). We brainstormed a lot but with the Covid pandemic happening outside our door, we knew that we were limited in what we could actually participate in. But we also knew that now, more than ever, people needed what we could give.

I literally happy danced in my living room when I came across the Toys For Tots Box. It's a virtual toy drive where you can drag and drop toys (of all price points) into a toy box and purchase the ones you've chosen. Those toys are then donated. And it all happens from your computer with the help of the amazing Toys for Tots team.

Dana and I are so excited to choose this toy drive as our official "post holiday" giving project. I've added a link below if you're interested in joining us to give back in 2021!