Styled Shoot in Wendover, Utah at the Bonneville Salt Flats

The Borrowed & Blue hat was featured at a styled shoot in Wendover, Utah.


Photography: @jessikachristinephoto

Dress: @rawgoldenrentals

Models: @maddmegg @treyvaldez3

Jacket: @theborrowedandblueproject @wildandwedevents @theveronicascripts

Check out our interview with @jessikachristinephoto below!

The Borrowed & Blue Project (TBBP): What initially attracted you to becoming a photographer?

Jessika (J): I really love documenting lives and knowing my photos will be the ones they look at together or with their family, in 20+ years. I remember looking through my mom’s photo albums as a kid and it made me realize how important photos are, especially when people are gone.

TBBP: How long have you been a photographer? Is this your full time job?

J: I’ve been photographing weddings for almost two years now! Yes it is my full time job.

TBBP: Where are you based?

J: San Diego right now, but I travel often!

TBBP: How many weddings do you typically photograph per year?

J: Last year I did around 18 and this year I’ve done around 29.

TBBP: What is the average investment clients make in your services?

J: Being a semi new wedding photographer my average has changed from last year. This year the average investment is $2,200.

TBBP: What is the average size wedding you photograph?

J: I love elopements and intimate weddings, but my average size is around 60-70 people.

TBBP: How would you describe your photography style? Your posing style?

J: I’ve had a hard time describing my style so I asked my clients and friends. They used the words wild, passionate and inspired! My posing style is very movement based. I love when couples have natural laughs so I give directions to create it.

TBBP: What are your top five favorite places you've traveled for weddings?

J: That is super hard! I really love Washington, because it’s where I’m from and it’s beyond gorgeous. After Washington it would probably be, Moab UT, San Diego CA, Alaska and Jamaica.

TBBP: How far in advance do clients typically book you?

J: On average I’d say about 7 months in advance. I don’t book over a year in advance, because it creates a stressful situation for me. I feel more secure in what I can promise if I book less than a year out.

TBBP: How many images do you typically deliver in a wedding gallery?

J: That differs so much! I try to deliver everything, but not so many photos that it’s overwhelming.

TBBP: Do you send clients raw unedited images?

J: No, because in my opinion it’s my job to completely edit and finish the photos when I deliver a gallery.

TBBP: What is your typical turnaround time?

J: I tend to edit pretty quickly, which isn’t the norm. I get weddings done in less than two weeks, but I’m single, have no kids and this is my full time job so I sit down and get it done.

TBBP: What is your cancellation policy?

J: If a wedding is rescheduled due to any sort of emergency, I don’t charge anything extra. If a wedding was completely cancelled I try to figure out a way we can still do photos, whether it’s just the two of them or something different.

TBBP: What is one one thing future clients would be surprised to learn about you?

J: I think most people are surprised at how much I help plan their elopement. I believe an elopement planner is the best, but I do a lot of research on locations for my couples.