NEW FOR BLUE: Borrowed & Blue Chapter 2

IT'S FINALLY HERE! The newest iteration of The Borrowed & Blue Project launched this week and we're beside ourselves with excitement. Dana and I brainstormed The Borrowed & Blue Project in 2019 and the tiniest idea (Dana's idea by the way - she deserves all the credit!) is now bigger and better than we could have ever imagined.

When we launched this project, we always chatted about ways we could make it grow. We talked about other rentals we could add, amazing calligraphers we could work with, and new ways we could incorporate this movement into the wedding industry. It took a lot of trial and error (seriously - we made some dumb mistakes) but we've learned so much along the way. We knew we would always want to expand but had no idea how!

In August 2020, we launched our first website. We improved our user experience, found new ways to reach brides, and created a seamless process for renting. With those improvements, we thought it was the perfect time to bring in new rentals.

We put out the feelers on social media (which was a little scary) and asked other calligraphers in the community if they'd be interested in joining us. When Dani and Ally responded we were SO excited to have such amazing women and artists be involved in our project. Dana and I are honestly so honored that these two bad-ass women (with so much talent) were willing to contribute a jacket through this project.

The Paper Cliche and The Jacqueline embody everything that we want The Borrowed & Blue Project to be - blue (duh), empowering, elegant, and beautiful. When we saw the first images of both jackets we were blown away by how much they fit this project and fit our mission. And now today (for the first time evaaaa) they are available to rent!!